Past Events

Let's Talk Democracy provides classes, seminars and discussions forums in the belief that informed, knowledgeable citizens will be better equipped to actively participate in the democratic process.


  • Virtual LTD Forum:  2021: What's the Way Forward? 
  • Virtual Author's Talk:  "The Color of Law" by Richard Rothstein 
  • Virtual Forum: The Aftermath of the Most Important Election in History
  • Virtual Community Book Read & Discussion: The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein
  • Virtual Forum:  Racial Inequality-Part 3: Collective Action
  • Virtual Forum:  2020 - The Most Important Election in History?

  • Virtual Forum: Racial Inequality Today - Part 2: American Black Experiences – Personal Stories

  • Virtual Forum: Racial Inequality Today - Part I: Why We're Still in the Aftermath of The Civil War

  • Virtual Forum: National Conventions and the Road to Voting

  • Virtual Forum: Understanding the Life Cycle of a Crisis

  • Forum: Census 2020 - A Deep Dive

  • Forum: Improving our News and Media Information Literacy

  • Community Read: The Curse of Bigness, by Tim Wu





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  • Forum:  Understanding the Real Situation at Our Southern Border

  • Forum: New Climate Change Solutions - How We Can All Help 

  • Forum:  Understanding How NYC Charter Controls City Spending

  • MANHATTAN SERIES: The Structure of Federal, NY State and City Governments

  • Community Book Read:  On Tyranny, by Timothy Snyder

  • Forum:  Amazon - Lessons to be Learned

  • Forum:  A Recap of the 2018 Elections, with Susan Lerner




  • Forum:  Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Signing of the Universal Declaraton of Human Rights 
  • Immigration:  A Deep Dive into Its History and Current Laws
  • MANHATTAN SERIES: The Structure of Federal, NY State and City Governments
  • Immigration:  A Deep Dive Into Its History and Current Laws

  • Midterm Elections:  The Stakes

  • Demystifying Primaries and Elections

  • Demystifying City Politics and Figuring Out Where We Fit In

  • Delays, Re-Routing, Station Closings...What Can We Do to Get Our Subway Back on Track

  • Let's Talk Democracy Expands to Manhattan:  An 8-Week Civics Series

  • Let's Talk Forum:  Daring Democracy - Meet the Authors/Queens

  • Let's Talk Forum:  Daring Democracy - Meet the Author in MANHATTAN

  • Toward a More Perfect Union: Making Your Voice Heard Encore

  • Let's Talk Forum:  Daring Democracy Community Read 

  • Toward a More Perfect Union: Making Your Voice Heard - An 6-Session Civics Series